Gameway – Connect With The Mobile Gaming World

One of the revolutionary apps that are rising in the mobile gaming world is Gameway [Free]. It was designed to help you find the games that you would love to play, thus becoming a necessity for the casual and hardcore gamers. Whether you would like to discover new games you never heard of, to read about the latest developments in the gaming world, or even interested in learning about discounts for VR or gaming accessories; you will find Gameway capable of delivering.

The way this app allows you to discover new games is quite interesting. By swiping, you can like or dislike mobile games suggested to you which allows Gameway to personalize the way it introduces you to new titles. It even allows you to organize and access your games from the app itself which makes it all the more convenient for mobile users.

We are proud to add that Gameway is a close partner of ours and what they bring to this industry is truly remarkable. Gameway can now be downloaded via Google Play but will be coming to the Apple Store soon.

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