UltraHunt – Is This The PUBG Experience For Mobile?

UltraHunt was the interesting survival shooter game that captured everyone’s attention at the Razer Keynote. Being developed by Cmune, the makers of Deadheads & Squad Wars, the game certainly has a lot of potential. From the alpha trailer, we can see how it attempts to rebuild the PUBG experience on mobile by bringing 32 players together to fight for survival. The world your are placed in is massive and looks visually gorgeous.

With vehicles, weaponry, and tactics at your disposal, you will have to be the last man standing if you want to win. As of now, little is known about the game since it is still being tested but you can apply for early access by clicking here. Based on what we do know, the game should be available for release in early 2018. It will launch exclusively on the Razer Phone but we have yet to learn when it would be available for other devices, if any. You can check the alpha trailer for this game below.

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