Shazap: Match Draw – Venture Into The Magical World of Puzzles

To understand the rush that Shazap: Match Draw [Free] pours into a player, you only need to play it for less than a minute. The game starts with you, a wizard, battling another wizard with magic. In order to push off the opponent’s magic, you need to connect the dots using your finger on the board below. The puzzles are easy to learn and you will get addicted to the experience right at the start.

As you progress in the game, you need to be faster as you connect the dots in order to mirror the shapes presented to you. The game allows you to upgrade your magic and experience the depth of what is possible. This is like no other puzzle game you have seen, that is for sure. Shazap brings a lot of strategy to the experience and the challenges become more difficult to overcome as you face off against Bosses.

There are over 40 free levels to play and up to 195 total levels, each with different shapes. The game allows you to develop through 5 stages as a wizard: Shaman, Witch, Wraith, Ninja, and Beast Enemies. What the developers of this game have built into the experience is truly brilliant. Grab the game from the App Store & Google Play and see for yourself. You can watch the trailer for this game below.


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