Rules of Survival – NetEase Releases Another PUBG-Inspired Title

Just days ago we announced NetEase’s Battle Royale Game, Knives Out, which was originally released in Chinese and later on rushed out with an English version. Two days later and NetEase released another Battle Royale Game called Rules of Survival [Free]. It is interesting to see a developer release more than one game for a certain genre within a very short time but this was the case.

We played both games and while the experience is fascinating for a mobile game, both games require improvements. Knives Out needs more polishing, a proper English translation, and the Friends functionality to work as it should. On the other hand, Rules of Survival is a more polished game with more environmental details but also includes glitches. We noticed the game crash during loading time on several occasions and seems to have a few grammatical errors.

Unlike Knives Out which allows up to 100 players, Rules of Survival brings 120 players to the battlefield. You can choose to play solo, as a duo, or even with a squad. The settings allow you to change controls, graphics, sensitivity, and audio. We found Rules of Survival to be smoother when it comes to combat in comparison to Knives Out and gives you a more satisfactory feeling when engaging in shootings. You can check the gameplay video below to get a better idea about the game.

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