Clash Royale – The Electrifying Update Is Coming December 12th

If you have been anticipating the update that Supercell has been teasing us with then don’t get excited yet because it has been pushed until tomorrow. Supercell found a few bugs and they want to squash them first before releasing it. However, what is coming to Clash Royale [Free] will definitely excite you. We have a new Arena called the Electro Valley that can be entered at 3400 Trophies. That’s not all, there are two new cards that you will definitely want to play with.

The first card is called Zappies which spawns a pack of mini Zap machines. The second card is the Hunter which deals a lot of damage in close encounters but lacks the accuracy for long-range attacks. We will learn more about them once they are released tomorrow. Furthermore, Three New Chests have been added: Lightning Chest (Replace card stack with up to 5 strikes), Fortune Chest (Allows you to see what your chest may contain), and King’s Chest (Focuses on Epic & Legendary Cards).

Finally, expect Gold Rush, Gem Rush, Special Challenges and Boosts to arrive this month. Supercell did improve some things such as you will see the Daily Gifts Quest as always active, Epic & Legendary Cards will appear in the Shop more often once you surpass 4000 Trophies, and Cards that are maxed in level will appear less in the Shop and in Fortune Chests. Stay tuned with our website for more news on the two new cards and their abilities when they are released tomorrow.

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