Animus: Stand Alone – Survive A Dark World (Out Now)

If you are a fan of Dark Souls, the game that tested the best of players on PC and Consoles, then you will enjoy today’s game. Coming from the makers of Ire: Blood Memory is a new challenging game and a very dark world in the form of Animus – Stand Alone [$7.99]. In many ways the game follows the footsteps of Ire: Blood Memory in its theme and experience. In fact, you can consider it as a companion app to Ire: Blood Memory but this one takes you to the darker side of its universe.

After you slaughter the waves of creatures coming after your life, you then will face demonic bosses and have epic battles that will be memorable. The game is fast-paced and you feel the thrill as you engage in combat with massive monsters. There are even cinematics that you will enjoy and make you feel like a hero on an epic adventure. While the game is a premium title and you pay for it, we can guarantee that the developers at 10Birds create only quality experience and you will not be disappointed. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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