Rules of Survival – Speedboats & Molotov Cocktails Coming January 4th

Rules of Survival [Free] is progressing well, thanks to the constant updates that the developers deliver. They just announced that a new update will be coming on January 4th which will include a new vehicle, new explosive, and many other additions and changes. What interested us most is that they are bringing Speedboats to the game which will allow you to take the battle into the sea! How amazing is that?

In addition, there will be Molotov Cocktails added which will turn the ground into flames once thrown. Players within the flame’s range will suffer burn damage and the fire will go out within a period of time. Also, the bicycles have been upgraded to include 2 seats so now you can have your teammate sit behind you. There will also be game changes and optimizations which you can read more about by clicking here. Stay tuned for the latest news on this game.


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