Chezz – A Modern Take On Chess

Chess has been a vital part of human history since the 6th Century AD. To this day, Chess masters compete on a global scale. What recently caught our interest is the mobile game Chezz [Free] which takes a modern perspective on the world of Chess. Not only does it teach you how to master the game through its simplified tutorial but also offers two interesting modes.

The first mode is the Adventure mode which allows you to go through hundreds of levels in order to have the full modern experience of the game. What will interest you even more is its Online mode. You can participate in PvP battles in real time against Chess enthusiasts from around the world.

The unique twist about Chezz is that you will have to multitask when you play the game rather than wait long for your opponents move. This requires players to think faster than usual and will keep the game interesting due to its fast-paced nature. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can download Chezz by clicking here.

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