Beast Brawlers: A MOBA-Inspired Multiplayer Experience

A new real-time multiplayer game was just globally released by the name of Beast Brawlers [Free]. Its MOBA-like experience makes it quite interesting as you take your beast into the battle arena and fight for victory. There are 9 different Beasts that players can collect and master throughout the game. You can also play through 11 Divisions and compete in limited-time Tournaments.

Not only is the game quite interesting but so is its publisher, PiiK Games. This is a company with a strong focus on eSports and competitive gaming which gives us an idea of the vision they have for Beast Brawlers and future games. Competitive players, especially those who are fans of the MOBA genre, will find that this title uncovers a potential sub-genre for the world of MOBA.

The game is currently available on the App Store & Google Play. Mount your own beast, build your own strategy, and battle against online players aiming for victory. After you have surpassed the tutorial and played online, you will find the experience that the world of Beast Brawlers delivers to be fun and fascinating. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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