Laps Tournaments – Out Now Worldwide

If you ever wanted to try a fun game that is calm and competitive at the same time then Laps Tournaments might just be the game you are looking for. This app is currently available worldwide on the App Store. It allows you to challenge online players and win cash from pro-tournaments. Laps Tournaments is based on the addictive game of the same name and offers an original experience by combining colors and numbers within its framework.

Since it is being tested by players before release, we highly recommend that you check it out by heading to your App Store if you are within the aforementioned countries. Playing it and providing feedback will contribute into improving the game and creating an eSports-styled experience that will be a source of revenue to the talented among you. With its fast-paced gameplay, replayability, and entertainment, Laps Tournaments looks like a very promising arcade experience.

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