Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy

A new game has soft launched that we are currently exploring. Omega Wars [Free] is a title that is taking the tower clash genre to the mobile esports level. With 3 races to choose from such as Human, Phantom, and Demon; you have the ability to take different approaches when strategizing. Omega Wars supports 2vs2 battles with local and global leaderboards available.

Interestingly, the game also features a live spectator mode and a replay system in order to meet mobile esports requirements. In addition, if you happen to have one of the latest devices, you can experience the game via the AR mode which makes it all the more fun. Currently, it is available for iOS and Android in the following locations: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Ukraine, and more countries will follow in the coming months. You can watch the trailer for Omega Wars below.

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