Forward Assault – The G FUEL Competition

Forward Assault has become a popular first person shooter on mobile and today launches a special event in the game. MOBILE E-SPORTS®, in partnership with Gamma Labs, is launching The G FUEL Competition today. With 8 top teams already selected to participate, the event has become highly anticipated within the competitive community.

This event will be livestreamed at 12:10 PM Pacific Time at The event will likely be completed in more than one livestream due to its length but today will reveal which teams will qualify for the Semi-finals. The winning team of this event will receive G FUEL products and the title of champion of this special event.

MOBILE E-SPORTS® is a pioneer in the Mobile eSports industry due to being one of the first to organize tournaments on mobile devices. The company dates back to 2015 and has been a long-time partner of Gamma Labs. This is the second year in which a G FUEL event has been announced and this time will be highly exciting to witness.

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