G FUEL RTD – Energy In A Can

With months of hype and excitement, our partner Gamma Labs has finally released their new line of G FUEL Energy Cans called the G FUEL RTD (Ready To Drink). This is a gigantic move by the revolutionary company since it transforms the way G FUEL can now be consumed. G FUEL as a brand is well known in the gaming and esports industry due to their support for countless creators. Without them, many creators wouldn’t be in the position they are in today.

G FUEL and the gaming industry are indistinguishable due to how influential the energy company has been in this industry. And now, they have introduced a new source of energy after much demand. With their new line of energy products comes four flavors: Blue Ice, FaZeberry, Rainbow Sherbet, and Sour Cherry. The cans are sold in packs and are priced in the following manner: The 4-pack is available for $10.99 while the 12-pack is available for $31.99. Both form of packs can be picked as a certain flavor or a variety of flavors.

Gamma Labs as a company has always focused on boosting health and endurance via their products. With G FUEL RTD, they designed it to reduce stress, boost endurance, and enhance focus & thought processing. This is truly the ideal drink for gamers. Gamma Labs has and will always support gamers, so they are more deserving of the support than any competitor out there when it comes to energy products. Click here to get your own pack of G FUEL RTD!

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