G FUEL RTD – Here Comes The Black On Blackberry Flavor

With four amazing flavors released upon the launch of the G FUEL RTD (Ready To Drink) products, we have been curious to see which flavor would come next in line. Just recently, they have announced Dr. Disrespect’s Black on Blackberry which is now available in packs of 4 and 12, at the prices of $10.99 and $31.99, respectively.

G FUEL, the company behind the popular product, are continuous supporters of creators and gamers and it is their support that has created a career for most of these individuals and organizations. They are also known for their healthy energy products that are loved by consumers. For example, the Black on Blackberry cans come with zero calories and zero sugar while containing 300 milligrams of caffeine that gives you the same performance, energy and extreme focus as the other flavors.

The company has focused on boosting health and endurance via their products whether in powder form or canned. Furthermore, the G FUEL RTD contains ingredients that aim to reduce stress, boost endurance, and enhance focus & thought processing. This is why G FUEL is the ultimate drink for gamers.

Finally, we are proud to announce that G FUEL is our partner. They have been and still support the work that we do for the mobile gaming industry. Be sure to check the new Black on Blackberry products by clicking here to get your own pack of G FUEL RTD!

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