MARVEL Contest of Champions – Supervillain Mole Man Arrives

Marvel Contest of Champions is introducing Mole Man with its latest update. The game certainly didn’t hold back on introducing popular and interesting characters throughout the years and it’s good to see that they are still keeping the game fresh with characters.

If you don’t know who the Mole Man is, he is a Marvel villain that was originally known as Harvey Elder. The American engineer and explorer was shunned by society for his small stature. He was barred from an academic career that would’ve been promising due to his Hollow Earth theory. He ended up falling into a cave that led him to the realm of Subterranea which proven his theory to be true.

On the other hand, he was partially blinded by the experience after gazing at a highly reflective deposits of diamonds. He then explored his new home and became known as the Mole Man. He starts ruling in Subterranea and commands deviant creatures into battle. While in the game, his Buffs can be unstoppable, you can counter them with abilities such as Stagger. You can watch the promo video for Mole Man below.

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