Dead By Daylight – A New Silent Hill DLC

If you have been binge playing Dead By Daylight then you are not alone. The game is absolutely wonderful and competitive. Exciting news came from Behaviour Interactive about their next update. Now we know that there will be a Silent Hill DLC launching on June 16th on all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. We have yet to know if it will be available on iOS and Android but we hope they do release it there as well.

The Silent Hill DLC will feature a new Silent Hill-inspired map, a new monster from the franchise, and a mysterious survivor. The map is based in the Midwich Elementary School which has a past of unspeakable horrors with its blood stained walls, rusted chains, and hanging cadavers.

The new killer is Pyramid Head which is known as The Executioner and an iconic villain in the Silent Hill Franchise. He is sadistic and merciless and focuses on punishing survivors through pain. As for the new survivor, it is Cheryl Mason who was previously known as Heather. After freeing herself from a religious cult, she now finds herself against a new battle to be fought against a far insidious evil. You can watch the trailer for this upcoming DLC below.

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