Pokemon Sword & Shield – The Isle of Armor Guide

With the Isle of Armor DLC being released for five days now, we wanted to share with you a brief guide on what is included in it. Pokemon Sword and Shield players have received the biggest DLC yet for this game and it certainly lived up to the hype.

As you enter the Wild Area, you can travel to the Isle of Armor with an Armor Pass which will be in your bag. You can use this pass through the Wedgehurst Train Station. Once you arrive on the island, your Pokedex will be updated. The first battle you will depend on which game you are playing. Sword players will face Klara and Shield players will face Avery. What can you expect when facing your rival? Klara will have Venipede and Galaraian Slowpoke while Avery will have Abra and Galarian Slowpoke.

After you win this battle you can go to the Dojo next where the story begins. The owners of the Dojo are Honey and Mustard, interesting names for sure. You first play against Mustard who will use Mienfoo and Shinx against you. If you win then you will be presented with 3 challenges: The first challenge is to find 3 missing Slowpokes; The second challenge is to find Max Mushrooms. The third challenge is to defeat the rival in your game, whether it is Klara or Avery.

Things get interesting from there. Once you complete these challenges you will receive Kubfu, the Legendary Pokemon of the Isle of Armor. Then you will have to become best friends with Kubfu by taking him to one of the special locations on the island where there is a spectacular view. After that task is successful, you can talk to Mustard and then start working on evolving Kubfu into the mighty Urshifu. This is possible by visiting one of the towers, Tower of Water or Tower of Darkness.

Each tower has five powerful trainers that you need to defeat and depending on which tower you defeat, your Urshifu will have a different form. For example, if you want the Fighting and Dark type Urshifu then beat Tower of Darkness. However, if you want the Fighting and Water type then defeat the Tower of Water.

After that is all done, you will need to get Max Honey by going to the Forest of Focus to talk to Hop. Then continue to find Petilil. Following that, find Lilligant after crossing the bridge and lead her to Hop and Petilil. You then follow Hop who leads you to Applin and then you shake the tree in front of you.

Finally, you can Gigantamax Urshifu and continue to battle Mustard to get extra rewards. After defeating Mustard and you watch the ending, a Porygon appears next to him and you can get it by talking to it. This is pretty much what you can expect from the main story and we hope we gave you an idea of how it’s like. Stay tuned with our website for more news on Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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