Pokemon Sword & Shield – The Legendaries of The Isle of Armor

The Isle of Armor introduced a great deal of experiences that we loved about it. Pokemon Sword and Shield has received its first major DLC, Isle of Armor, on June 17th and the second DLC, Crown Tundra, is expected to be released this Fall. In this article we want to focus on the legendaries found in the Isle of Armor.

The main Legendary on the island is none other than Kubfu, the Fighting type Pokemon. He evolves into Urshifu and you can decide which form of Urshifu to end up with. There is Urshifu that comes with two types, Fighting and Dark, which is obtained by playing in the Tower of Darkness. This Urshifu features the Single Strike Style. The other Urshifu comes with two types also, Fighting and Water, which is obtained by playing in the Tower of Water. This Urshifu features the Rapid Strike Style.

Furthermore, there is Zeraora, the Electric Mythical Pokemon, which was introduced with this DLC. However, it is available in Max Raids for a limited time, until June 28th. For this raid to be successful, at least 1 million players must beat Zeraora during the Max Raid and if that happens, all players will receive a Shiny Zeraora. This is quite a challenge but requires the cooperation of all players.

Finally, there is also another interesting Mythical Pokemon called Zarude. It features a dual type of Dark and Grass. If we didn’t know better we would have mistaken it for a werewolf. It was reported previously that the next Pokemon movie will revolve around Zarude, so it will be quite interesting to watch. While we haven’t seen Zarude in this DLC, it is believed he should arrive to Pokemon Sword and Shield at a later time. These are some of the exciting Pokemon that are available in the Isle of Armor. Stay tuned with our website for more news and discussions about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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