The Outer Worlds – A Performance Patch Is In The Works

The Outer Worlds was one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of 2020 but when it came out there was a lot of disappointment due to its performance issues. Being priced at $59.99, the least that players would expect is a smooth experience throughout the game. Just recently, Virtuos (the studio that ported the game to the Switch) has announced that a performance patch is being worked on.

If you don’t know anything about The Outer Worlds then here’s a summary. The game places you on a colonist ship that is destined to the edge of the galaxy. After you wake following decades of sleep, you find yourself in a world of conspiracies where the Halcyon colony is at risk of destruction by corporations. The game gives you the ability to make deep decisions that decide how the game’s story unfolds.

Now that we know the background story of the game, let’s get back to the performance patch. The sci-fi RPG was quite the success on other platforms but had its issues on the Nintendo Switch. At times you will see blurry textures and other times you experience stuttering performance. This is certainly not what players paid for. However, there is hope for the game since the team behind it recognizes the issues and is working on solving them with an upcoming patch. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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