Pokemon Sword & Shield – Secrets of The Isle of Armor: Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Secrets of The Isle of Armor Series. Pokemon Sword and Shield was already a fantastic game but with the Isle of Armor, things have become even more interesting. Apart from the main story in this new DLC, there are so many things that you can do but might have missed out on. In this article, we have compiled some of the secrets found in the Isle of Armor. This is Part 1 of this series so be sure to come back for more articles that cover other secrets that you can find on the Isle of Armor.

1- The Man In Need

When you go to the station in the Isle of Armor, you will find a man wearing a blue suit, a black hat, and holding a closed umbrella. If you start conversation with him, he will ask you for 3,000 money to buy a ticket to travel to Galar and in return for doing him this favor, he will give you a special and cool looking outfit. This doesn’t require much effort on your part other than the money but it is worth it.

2- Miss Honey

After you complete the three trials that Mustard presents to you, go talk to Miss Honey for an interesting experience. If you donate to her 1,000,000 Watts to upgrade the Dojo, she will battle you. Prepare for her because she has quite the team. Moreover, if you donate 3,280,000 Watts, something even more interesting will take place, and yes this is a lot of Watts! However, if you do decide to donate that much, you will go on a walk with Miss Honey and she will also give you a Rare League Card.

3- The Diglett Quest

As you are on your way to the Dojo, you will be stopped by the Alolan Diglett Trainer. This side quest is very rewarding because the more Digletts you find for him, the bigger the reward you get. Just to give you a few examples, you get an Alolan Meowth if you find 5 Digletts; 10 Digletts will get you a Kantonian Slowpoke; 20 Digletts get you an Alolan Vulpix; 50 Digletts get you an Alolan Marowak; and as you go higher you get better Pokemon.

4- Galarica Twigs

There is a way to evolve your Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowbro. You need to collect 8 of the Galarica Twigs which are usually found near trees and after you have collected them, go to southwest of the Isle of Armor by heading to the beach near the train station and from there you will see a small island in the distance. Travel there with your water bike where you will find a girl who will turn the twigs into a Galarica Cuff which you can use to evolve your Galarian Slowpoke into a fantastic looking Galarian Slowbro.

5- Porygon

You can get yourself a Porygon after you defeat Mustard. Be sure to interact with Hyde, the son of Mustard and Honey, after you have defeated Mustard for the last time. Go to the lounge inside the Dojo where you will see Mustard playing on his Nintendo Switch (yes, you read that correctly). There will be a floating Porygon on the right side of the room, interact with it. After you do that, you will talk to Hyde who will ask you if you like it, say ”Yes.” Then you will be able to obtain a Porygon which is one of the most mysterious Pokemon you will find.

Finally, we hope this list has shared some interesting information with you. If you liked it or would like to see more interesting things that you can do in the Isle of Armor Expansion Pass then be sure to check back since we will have more articles covering more secrets in the Isle of Armor. Thank you for your time. [Click here to read Part 2]

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