Pokemon Sword & Shield – Crown Tundra Datamine

For those that already played the Isle of Armor in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we know you are already looking forward for the Crown Tundra. While there is a lot that you can do in the Isle of Armor, nothing beats a new experience and that is exactly what the Crown Tundra will be able to deliver.

Today, we are exploring some datamine leaks that reveal much more information about the Crown Tundra Expansion Pass than what we knew before. The datamine leaks are based on the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Update (v 1.2) for the Isle of Armor which tells us a lot about the upcoming DLC. What we did is compile the information from several sources that managed to confirm the same datamine leaks.

As a start, we have already discussed the returning Pokemon in a different article, so if you want to check this information, click here. As dataminers reveal, there are 3 code names found which are likely to be legendaries (Hakuba, Kokuba, and Kuraun). Kuraun is who we know as Calyrex. The interesting thing is that Calyrex can possibly combine with two other Pokemon to change its form. This is quite fascinating information.

Furthermore, there have been a lot of new key items added that we still don’t know about but we are looking forward to find out. In addition, dataminers reveal that the map outline is visible enough for us to know that it will be at least twice the size as the Isle of Armor. We expect the Crown Tundra to be much bigger because it is based on Scotland and the Isle of Armor is based on the Isle of Man. The size difference between both is enormous.

Finally, we do know that there will be exploration in the Crown Tundra as we discussed this in a previous article. One more cool feature that is believed to be in Crown Tundra is the ability to have legendary raids. We are really excited to see how everything unfolds in the Crown Tundra and until then, we will keep you updated.

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