How To Get Your Shiny Zeraora – Pokemon Sword & Shield

With over a million players defeating the Mythical Zeraora in a Max Raid Battle, players can now obtain a free Shiny Zeraora. Along with the Shiny Zeraora, players will get Armorite Ore as well. So how can you obtain your prizes?

All players can claim the free Shiny Zeraora until July 6th so make sure you do this before that deadline. Even if you haven’t participated in the Zeraora Raid, you too can claim it! You first need the mobile app, Pokemon Home. Furthermore, you need to have transferred a Pokemon from Sword / Shield to Pokemon Home or from Pokemon Home to Sword / Shield. Once you have done this, here’s what to do next.

Go to the Menu at the bottom of your screen and choose Mystery Gift. Then, click on Gift Box and select the Pokemon in the Gift Box and press on Receive to obtain it. The process is very straight forward. Finally, we hope you enjoy battling with your powerful and new Zeraora.

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