Get Both Forms of Urshifu – Pokemon Sword & Shield

The two forms of Urshifu are the main legendaries of the Isle of Armor. They both evolve from Kubfu (the mascot of the Isle of Armor) but each form comes to be depending on which Tower you choose to pursue. If you play in the Tower of Darkness then you can get the Fighting & Dark Urshifu also known as Single Strike Urshifu, but if you play in the Tower of Water then you will get the Fighting and Water Urshifu also known as Rapid Strike Urshifu.

Clearly, the game is meant to give you one or the other and not both. However, there is a way to get both. We did not discover this method and we want to give credit to ScreenRant that covered it first. Okay, here is what you need to do.

First, you need to have Pokemon Home and if you already got your Shiny Zeraora via Pokemon Home then this method shouldn’t be too difficult for you but it is time-consuming. So once you have a Pokemon Home account made then you need to make sure you have one form of the two Urshifus on your saved file in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Once you made sure you have the first one, create a second profile account on your Nintendo Switch to start Pokemon Sword & Shield. This will allow you to begin a new game and the DLC will be available on your second profile too. Of course, you do not need to finish the game but reach up to the Wild Area where you can go to Wedgehurst station and from there go to the Isle of Armor. Begin the main story and after the three trials given to you by Mustard, you get Kubfu but this time select the other tower to obtain the other form of Urshifu.

Finally, once you have done that, send Urshifu to the PC and start Pokemon Home in order to get it. After that, go on your main Nintendo Switch profile and get that second form of Urshifu to your team. You will now have both Urshifus. Keep in mind this is all done free but you do pay with your time but you decide if it is worth your time. We hope this guide helped you get both forms of the legendaries. Stay tuned with our website for the latest on Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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