The G FUEL Star Fruit – Positivity & Happiness In A Tub


Today’s announcement is extra special for our partner, G FUEL, and here’s why. They have just announced a new G FUEL launch, the first ever female inspired-flavor, for the gamer known as NoisyButters. With millions of views on YouTube and a devout following, she has proven that girls too can make an impact on the gaming world. Her new flavor is called Star Fruit, a symbol of positivity and happiness. If you support a lifestyle of positivity and happiness then you now have a flavor designed for your needs.

This flavor will be sold as a standard Tub ($35.99), or part of a Collector’s Box ($39.99). The Collector’s Box includes the Tub and the special Butters Shaker Cup which if bought separately would cost approximately $9.99. Not only the Collector Box is a great economic choice but if you are a collector then you know it’s yours for the taking.

Click here to sign up for this new flavor so you get notified when it is available on July 15th. G FUEL Energy is designed to be a healthy product for those that seek energy and also expect a delicious flavor. Each G FUEL Tub, regardless of flavor, comes with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, we are proud to inform you that G FUEL has been our long-time partner. They have been and still support the work that we do for the mobile gaming industry. If you are interested to get yourself G FUEL then be sure to use our Code EsportsMobile during Checkout to get a discount on your purchase.

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