Infliction: Extended Cut – A Nintendo Switch Review

As fans of the horror genre, we got excited when we first heard that Infliction: Extended Cut was coming to the Nintendo Switch. We got the chance to explore this horror game in order to share with you our thoughts about it. We want to thank Publisher Blowfish Studios for providing us with a review code. So what do we know about Infliction: Extended Cut? The psychological horror was first released on the consoles in late 2018 and has made its way to the Nintendo Switch on July 2nd, 2020.

The game places you in a once-happy home that has become an interactive nightmare. Your courage will be tested by a sinister entity as you roam the confines of this house. With an unsettling atmosphere and despairing secrets, your objective to piece together a thrilling plot will be hindered by the entity inhabiting the house. The game allows you to hide under objects to elude this entity and even gives you the ability to keep it away using anything that can project light such as your camera flash. One thing that you cannot avoid are the terrifying jump scares, so be prepared for those.

You play as Gary who gets called by his wife to search for her plane ticket. You go to the house to search for it but things take a strange turn during your search. You learn more about the story through the discovery of clues in the form of memos, pictures, and other objects. There is no doubt that most of the game is designed with mystery in mind and for this reason, you will find yourself searching for clues most of the game’s duration.

Despite it being a slow-paced horror, Infliction: Extended Cut mostly shines with the atmosphere it presents. Its visuals may not be its strongest features but it does a great job in keeping you curious about how the story unfolds. The Nintendo Switch manages the game’s performance quite well with minor drop in frame rates. It doesn’t come without its bugs but these can be fixed in a future update. The game audio further contributes to the eerie atmosphere and does an excellent job to keep you in suspense.

The ability to interact with your environment gives you a realistic feeling of what is going on. Not only can you read books and notes that are scattered around the house but you can even turn on the TV and watch a cooking show! The interactions is what keeps the experience interesting because there is always one more note to read, one more memo to unlock, and one more clue to uncover.

Finally, you can get the game from the Nintendo Switch Shop for $19.99. The game is approximately 3 hours long but can be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Despite its average graphics and minor performance issues, we find Infliction: Extended Cut to be a good psychological horror experience for those that enjoy the hunt for clues under the shadow of a sinister entity. You can watch the trailer for Infliction: Extended Cut below.

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