The Otterman Empire – Two Code Giveaways For The Nintendo Switch

In collaboration with the amazing team at Tri-Heart Interactive, we are giving away two game codes for the new game, The Otterman Empire. Let’s start by telling you about the game first. The Otterman Empire is a fast-paced shooter where players band together throughout different maps to stop the evil Tiko. It places you in the third person perspective with the ability to play the campaign or split-screen multiplayer.

The developers have said that an online multiplayer will be coming at a later time but as the game stands, it is a remarkable experience. With vibrant and colorful environments, lovable characters, and so much action going on your screen, you will discover that The Otterman Empire is extremely replayable.

The Otterman Empire has been well designed for the Nintendo Switch with smooth gameplay and responsive controls. With a rich customization system available, you will be able to design your own character skin in order to play the game the way you feel it should be played. This game is priced at $24.99 if you wish to pick it up.

Let’s get to the giveaway! We know you are all excited for this but we had to give you some information about the game so you know what you will be playing. Thanks to Tri-Heart Interactive, they have provided us with 2 EU Switch Codes for The Otterman Empire. This means two of you can get the game for free. In order to participate, please follow the instructions below in order for us to choose two winners for this game.


  1. Follow @TriHeartInt
  2. Follow @NetworkDN
  3. Retweet, Like, and Tag A Friend in the Twitter Post about this giveaway at least once.

Finally, we will choose two winners and they will be announced on Sunday on our Twitter account. We wish you all the best of luck and we will do our best to keep doing these giveaways for Nintendo Switch games. You can watch the launch trailer for The Otterman Empire below.

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