Crysis Remastered – The Tech Features In The Game

Crysis Remastered is one of the most anticipated shooter game coming to Nintendo Switch this July 23rd. It will be priced at 26.99 GBP / $29.99 but will it be worth getting? In this article, we discuss Crysis Remastered and why we believe it is will live up to its hype.

Crysis Remastered will present the original game’s single player campaign featuring high quality textures, global illumination, vegetation bending, optimized dynamic light settings, dynamic resolution, gyro aiming, motion blur, bloom (light rays and sunbeams) and much more. These features will render the game to be a visual masterpiece.

The game will run at 720P – 30FPS which is what we expected for it to run smoothly on the Nintendo Switch. The idea of having Crysis run on a handheld device is crazy in itself and it is an opportunity for all Nintendo Switch gamers to experience the iconic game that melted powerful PCs due to its high demand a decade ago.

The story revolves around a group of a military team wearing nanosuits, technologically advanced suits, that increases their strength, speed, defense, and gives them invisibility power. You find yourself on an island fighting North Korean soldiers but if you thought these soldiers are the only enemy that is in your way then you are wrong. Something more advanced and sinister is awaiting you on that island. We will not go further into the story to avoid spoiling it, we will leave it for you to find out.

Finally, we truly believe that Crytek will release the game in the best shape possible for it to run ideally on the Nintendo Switch. While the experience will not be similar to other platforms, it is understandable since the Nintendo Switch is limited in power. However, this does not mean that the game will not look superb and feel smooth when played. You can check the tech trailer for Crysis Remastered below to see how good it will be.

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