Rogue Company: The Cross-Play Shooter – Early Access Available

In the Nintendo Direct Mini Announcement, they showed a cool trailer for Rogue Company, the cross-play shooter published by Hi-Rez Studios. The announcement paved the way for this anticipated game’s early access launch to the Closed Beta version. Interestingly, the third person shooter is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop but only if you purchase one of the Founder’s Pack which gives you early access to Rogue Company. The game is going to be free-to-play but the free version will be released at a later date this year.

Those who can’t wait for the free version can purchase one of the packs today to get it along with one of the Founder’s Pack. There are three packs that you can get: the cheapest being the Starter Pack ($14.99), the medium-priced is the Standard Pack ($39.99), and the most expensive being the Ultimate Pack ($59.99). Of course, each bundle grants you access to the game immediately, gives you certain outfits, characters, and other features.

In Rogue Company, you play with a huge range of characters that are also called Rogues in objective-based modes. At the moment, we know of two game modes: Extraction and Wingman. Extraction is a 4v4 mode where you accomplish an objective to win or eliminate your opponents. Wingman is based on a 2v2 mode.

The game now features AI opponents, includes motion-controlled aiming, supports cross-play, and has an integrated cross-progression system. Stay tuned with our website to be notified when the free version is available for you to play. You can watch the Rogue Company cinematic trailer below.

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