Pokemon Unite – New Screenshots Emerge

On June 24th, Pokemon Unite was announced by the Pokemon Company in partnership with Tencent and Timi Studios. Pokemon Unite is a first of its kind for the franchise which is team-based and follows the MOBA formula. If you have played Vainglory or Arena of Valor then you will be familiar with the gameplay style of Pokemon Unite.

This game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, iOS and, Android devices. Pokemon Unite supports crossplay so you will be able to play against any of these platforms. This is quite exciting as you get to experience a competitive Pokemon game in a team-based environment.

We now know that the Pokemon type doesn’t have any effect on the battlefield. This MOBA experience features a 5vs5 mode where both teams have to beat the other. You can evolve your Pokemon by gaining points, this can happen by defeating wild Pokemon on the battlefield or even your opponents.

According to a source on Resetra, new screenshots from a leaked video have emerged on Chinese social media which we have posted in this article. The images reveal new Pokemon that we have not seen in the announcement trailer which means that there will be a plethora of Pokemon to choose from. Moreover, the same source claims that the internal test for the game begins this August and the global release will be in Spring of 2021.

Finally, the game is marketed as a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It will be exciting to see how all these handheld devices play against one another. You can watch the announcement trailer for Pokemon Unite below.

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