Warframe: Heart of Deimos Expansion – Coming This Month

Warframe, the third person shooter, is one of the best games found on the Nintendo Switch and the good news is that it’s free-to-play. There’s an exciting announcement that came from the game’s publisher, Digital Extremes, which will render Warframe even more compelling than it already is.

Heart of Deimos is a new open-world expansion that is scheduled to come to the game this August 25th for the Nintendo Switch and on other platforms. There will be a new player introduction, a new Helminth Chrysalis Abilities System, new places to venture into, and much more.

The new expansion features a terrifying hivemind landscape full of giant towering wyrms under a dark, red sky. The map also has networked tunnels where you will be able to explore the secret origins of the Infested and twisted Entrati experiments. You can watch the full gameplay demo of the new Warframe expansion below.

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