Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods DLC Coming Soon

The Nintendo Switch gamers are all waiting for Doom Eternal to grace us on our handheld devices. This is a game that will be bought by majority of Switch gamers without a second thought. Doom Eternal is the sequel to Doom that came to the Nintendo Switch on November 2017. The game’s story starts some time after the events of its predecessor as you continue your mission as the Doom Slayer to destroy the army of Hell and save humanity.

With the release of Doom Eternal in March of this year to the PC and consoles, we have been waiting for a release date for the Nintendo Switch since then with no official announcement yet. What we do know is that an announcement will be made very soon on when the release date will be.

Something interesting just happened, Bethesda revealed a new teaser trailer for Doom Eternal’s DLC, The Ancient Gods: Part 1. This suggests that there will be more parts to be released following this one. The full trailer for this DLC will be released on August 27th. This can mean that we are to expect the announcement for the Nintendo Switch really soon, hopefully this month with the release date being this year. You can watch the teaser trailer for The Ancient Gods Expansion below.

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