Vigor – Going Free On Nintendo Switch This September

Imagine, you find yourself in an apocalyptic scenario where you build a shelter to try and survive the extreme environment surrounding you. However, you are not the only player there but many other Outlanders are trying to survive just like you. Will you loot them? Kill them? Or team up with them? This online shooter game offers several modes to experience this new type of action with modes such as Shootout and Elimination.

Developed by Bohemia Interactive, Vigor is quite a competitive game that was released on Nintendo Switch on July 8th of this year where you can play it by buying the Founder’s Pack for $20. However, it will become free-to-play on September 23rd for Nintendo Switch users. Other platforms like PS4 will get it on November 25th & PS5 will get it later in the year.

The game allows up to 12 players to participate in this experience which takes place in a post-war Norway. Upon launch, the game was very positively received so it is a game to look forward to on the Nintendo Switch. Visually, it looks superb and if you haven’t purchased the Founder’s Pack to play the game yet then be sure to keep an eye out for its release on September 23rd because this is a game we definitely recommend. You can watch the launch trailer for Vigor below.

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