Dead By Daylight: The Descend Beyond Update Is Now Available

Dead By Daylight has a massive following and we are big fans of this game. Behaviour Interactive has released today the latest and much anticipated update called Descend Beyond. This new update is available on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. So what does update 2.01 include?

There is a new killer, new survivor, game changes, and bug fixes. This new chapter introduces a new killer called The Blight who was an alchemist called Talbot Grimes that has disturbingly mutated into a terrifying creature in his pursuit for knowledge. The killer’s power is quite interesting as well, he injects himself with a mysterious fluid to gain power and speed, and rushes forward towards survivors.

The new survivor is called Felix Richter who is a visionary architect that is capable of forming strategic plans to help others. His three main perks are called Visionary, Desperate Measures, and Built To Last. These perks help him in revealing generators, rescuing survivors, and getting the most out of his tools.

Behaviour Interactive is working towards improving the game’s visuals and has started its first step towards this goal with this update. They have upgraded the visuals for maps like Springwood: Badham Preschool Maps I – V and Yamaoka Estate: Family Residence and Sanctum of Wrath. The developers will keep upgrading the rest of the maps as new updates come out. However, they have upgraded several things in this update like Generators, Pallets, Lockers, Chests, and other items in the game.

Finally, there have been several bugs fixed such as flashlight aiming which now aims towards the center and many other fixes that touch on killers, survivors, perks, and more. You can watch the official trailer for the Descend Beyond update for Dead By Daylight below.

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