Pokemon – Leak Suggests A New Game For Nintendo Switch

In a recent article by ComicBook, they report of a new Pokemon leak that hints at the next major Pokemon game to be released in 2021. It is believed that this game will be the first Pokemon title for the next-gen Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Pro). Interestingly, there is a new trademark by Nintendo & Game Freak for Entei which just happens to be one of the iconic Pokemon legendary beasts. So the assumption is that the next Pokemon game will focus on Entei.

While this is not solid evidence for what the next Pokemon game will be about, it certainly opens the door for some speculation. Entei is the Fire-type Legendary introduced in Generation II so it’s interesting that his name came up and not the other two legendary Pokemon, Raikou & Suicune.

While ComicBook dabbled with the thought of having a Let’s Go Entei game, they also bring up the point that if this is the case then it would be unlikely since there are two other legendary Pokemon and we are not likely to see three titles of this series.

Finally, we have certainly been hearing rumors about an upcoming DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield as well as a new Pokemon game now. While there is no official announcements about either, we do feel that something big that is Pokemon related will be coming next year. Stay tuned with our website for the latest on Pokemon.

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