Pokemon Sword & Shield – The Battle of Legends Competition

So much has been going on for Pokemon lately. Just a few days ago, it was announced that the Crown Tundra DLC is coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield on October 22nd. Furthermore, Pokemon has announced that a new online competition is coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield, and this time you can use legendary and mythical Pokemon.

Each player will be able to use one legendary or mythical Pokemon on their team and you will compete against online players from around the world. This competition is based on Double Battles and you can only have one of the same Pokemon and one of the same item. You can see in the image provided at the bottom of this article the legendary and mythical Pokemon allowed to be selected.

Registration for this competition is currently open until October 15th (Thursday) and it will also start on October 15th and will last until Sunday, October 18th. To sign up, launch the game, start the menu, go to VS and then Battle Stadium. After that, choose Online Competitions and search Official Competitions to find the Battle of Legends. Stay tuned with our website for the latest on Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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