Dead By Daylight: The Eternal Blight Event Update

The month of October is special, thanks to Halloween and all the scary content that games get during this period. We were happy to see the new update called The Eternal Blight Event that arrived to Dead By Daylight today and it is one that you will absolutely enjoy. If you haven’t updated the game on your Nintendo Switch then make sure to do so. Here’s what the latest update delivers.

First of all, from today until November 4th, realms will be Halloween-themed with more Bloodpoints for you to earn through special events. You will notice Pustula Flowers and Halloween items from last year’s Halloween event as well as new additions.

There is a new Tome called Unleashed in the game which allows you to unlock memories for The Hillbilly, Nea Karlsson, and The Blight. This means you get to explore more about The Blight’s story. In addition, there is the new store Hallowed Curse collection for several characters which look scary and really fit into the Halloween theme.

Finally, Dead By Daylight is a wonderful competitive game that you must have. In this game you get to choose whether to play as a survivor or as a killer. The game features 4 survivors against an iconic killer as the survivors attempt to escape the realm they are trapped in while the killer tries to sacrifice them to the entity. With this update, the game has undergone graphical improvements which is a big step by the developers. You can watch the trailer for this update below.

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