Ghostrunner: A Cyberpunk Action Title – Out Now

Easily considered one of the most anticipated games coming to the Nintendo Switch, Ghostrunner has already built a fan base of its own even before being released. This addictive title is now available on the Nintendo Switch for $29.99 but has a discount price for $24.99 at the moment.

The game has already launched on other platforms and the ratings are extremely high. It looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch version and we see minor differences in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Ghostrunner features Triple-A quality experience when played on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s plot takes place in the future following a global cataclysm that caused what was left of humanity to live in a tower built by The Architect, who has died under mysterious circumstances a long time ago. People live in a hierarchy that is structured by the category of implants a person receives in childhood which defines his role and class in society.

With social inequality comes a rebellion and you as a cyber-warrior are capable of fighting in the physical world and cyberspace. With the abilities you have, you must ascend the tower and the higher you reach, the more secrets are revealed. Your objective is to defeat the ruler of the tower, the Keymaster. The clock is ticking and you need to uncover the secret behind the tower before it’s too late.

Finally, this game brings interesting themes and concepts with its focus on a sci-fi inspired, post-apocalyptic world. It offers a unique gameplay in a colorful & vivid universe. You can watch the launch trailer for Ghostrunner below.

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