Nintendo 2021 – The Latest Rumors On Switch Pro & New Games

What awaits the Nintendo Switch in 2021? There have been a lot of rumors last year surrounding a new Switch model featuring more power and improved graphics in comparison to the current model. The rumors sounded credible and sources that reported it had good knowledge of the industry but still Nintendo has yet to confirm this.

In a recent report by Forbes, they reveal a hardcopy of unknown source consisting of Nintendo announcements for this year. Not only does it refer to the Nintendo Switch Pro but also to amazing games that will be coming to it. Before we proceed, we want you to know that this hardcopy is not confirmed to be from Nintendo so do not take this information for granted.

The first thing this document shows is a release date for the Nintendo Switch Pro which will allegedly be on April 23rd of 2021. In addition, the list of games that are on this document will make you literally drool. It displays some new Nintendo games such as Mario Kart 9, Splatoon 3, Super Mario Odyssey 2, Fire Emblem Echoes: Path of Radiance, and Metroid Resurgence.

Furthermore, it says that The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Past will be released on the same release date as the Switch Pro which is quite interesting. If this is all true then Nintendo is going to attract a vast amount of fans to buy their new Switch Pro and gamers from other platforms would want to play all these amazing games on the new handheld device. It would be one of the most profitable years for Nintendo.

The document names more titles that will capture your attention but these games are from third party companies. Some of these games are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, Far Cry 6, Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Insane titles, don’t you think? We thought so too! Now, how realistic is this information? We highly doubt it but we do wish for it to be true.

Finally, the document reports that all of this information will be announced on January 11th, 2021 during the Nintendo Direct. So whether this document is real or not, we will find out soon. We will update you on any news regarding the Switch Pro or any of the top games that may be announced for the Switch so stay tuned with our website.

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