Overdox: Update 2.0 Introduces New Content

Overdox, where the hack n’ slash genre meets the battle royale experience, has received major content and changes with update 2.0. It introduces The Awakening System, 4 types of special skins, & game balance.

The Awakening System allows you to upgrade your favorite gear in order to become stronger. To celebrate this new addition, the team at Haegin has provided a special coupon code to players which awards them with 100 Crystals! To redeem it, visit the game’s Main Lobby, then go to Menu, and tap on Notices (bell icon), then click on the URL where it takes you to the coupon page and finally enter the coupon code: OVERDOX. The reward will be sent to your inbox to be redeemed.

This is an exciting update for Overdox, especially when there is a competitive tournament about to start on February 20th. If you are interested to participate or follow this tournament then click here to learn all about it. The winners of this tournament will be earning cash prizes, sponsored products, & more! You can watch the announcement of Overdox: The Official Tournament II below.

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