G FUEL Demon’ade – The World of Doom In Spicy & Sour

Bethesda Softworks has partnered with G FUEL again to announce the new Sour Demon’ade flavor and the reskinned Spicy Demon’ade, both themed after the much anticipated Doom DLC, Ancient Gods – Part Two. To have the world of Doom in two entirely different flavors, each with its own gorgeous design is any collector’s dream!

The new Sour Demon’ade flavor is sold as a standard Tub ($35.99), as a bundle with a limited Shaker ($39.99), and part of a double bundle featuring the Sour & Spicy Demon’ade Tubs with the Slayers Club Shaker ($45.99). We would definitely recommend the latter, the Double Demon’ade Bundle because it is very economical and you get to experience the full Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods experience.

Click here to visit the official website and to pre-order these two new products. G FUEL Energy is designed to be a healthy product for those that seek energy and also expect a delicious flavor. Each G FUEL Tub, regardless of flavor, comes with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, we are proud to inform you that G FUEL has been our long-time partner. They have been and still support the work that we do for the mobile gaming industry. If you are interested to get yourself G FUEL then be sure to use our Code ‘EsportsMobile’ during Checkout to get a discount on your purchase.

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