Bethesda Games: Get Nintendo Titles At 50% Discount

If you are a Nintendo gamer and love Bethesda games then it is not late yet! Currently, all Bethesda games are at half the price so if you had your eyes on one of their titles then now is a great time to get. From The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to Doom Eternal, all of the amazing games are at 50% discount.

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – From $59.99 down to $29.99
  • Wolfenstein: Young Blood – From $29.99 down to $14.99
  • Wolfenstein: Young Blood Deluxe Edition – From $39.99 down to $19.99
  • Doom Eternal – From $59.99 down to $29.99
  • Doom – From $59.99 down to $29.99
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – From $59.99 down to $29.99

These are just some of several titles that have gone on sale for the Nintendo Switch. This sale will end by midnight so you might want to hurry up and grab a title before it expires. We highly recommend getting Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim if you haven’t played them before.

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