Dead By Daylight: A Resident Evil Crossover Is Coming

Dead By Daylight is a fascinating survival horror title that has entertained gamers with countless of interesting updates since its release. We have seen crossovers from games and shows such as Silent Hill, Stranger Things, Saw, & many more. The exciting crossover this time is none other than Resident Evil and we can’t wait to see what it consists of.

Resident Evil – Mr. X

We are told that more will be revealed about this upcoming update on the 25th of May and we should expect it to launch this June. We can assume that a survivor and a killer will be coming from the Resident Evil world. We don’t know if a new Resident Evil themed map will be coming but it would be really interesting to see one.

Resident Evil – Nemesis

Finally, some of the exciting killers from Resident Evil that we would like to see would be Mr. X or Nemesis. Both of them are intelligent and terrifying creatures that were created by the Umbrella Corporation. If you want to stay updated with this Dead By Daylight story then be sure to check our website for the latest news. You can watch the teaser trailer for the Dead By Daylight – Resident Evil Crossover below.


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