New Pokemon Snap – The World & Beyond

The New Pokemon Snap title has been launched on the Nintendo Switch and the game exceeded any expectations. Priced at $59.99, you might be wondering if it is worth your money. We are going to discuss why it certainly is worth buying.

In case you didn’t know, this game is a sequel to the original Pokemon Snap that was released in 1999. As you might imagine, the new title expands on the classic experience in several areas. In comparison to its predecessor, the graphics are mind blowing, the Pokemon feel more responsive, there are more areas to explore, the game has a decent story to give you purpose, and despite its linear approach you will find a sense of freedom in the world of New Pokemon Snap.

There is no doubt that the developers have paid attention to every detail of the game to the point where you will feel captivated by the experience. You start the game as a Pokemon researcher that is working with Professor Mirror in examining the Illumina phenomenon which causes Pokemon to glow and act in ways they usually wouldn’t.

You begin your research by using your camera to take pictures of different Pokemon that act naturally in their habitats. You will explore different locations in the Lental region, six islands that feature jungles, beaches, and exciting places. The environment in each of these places are quite breathtaking and gorgeous. The photos you take of each Pokemon will be rated so make sure to capture amazing photos.

Not only will you find over 200 Pokemon to capture with your camera but there are also Legendaries! Some of these legendaries are Mew, Suicine, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, & many more. The game supports a day / night mode which affect Pokemon behaviors depending on the time of day. Some Pokemon will be asleep in certain time of the day and awake in other times of the day, so you will need to know when to approach them for a photo.

When capturing a great photo, make sure the Pokemon is within the frame and if that Pokemon is looking at the camera, that is an extra! Other things you need to consider to get a great score on your photo are factors such as the Pokemon’s pose, size, direction, placement, background, and other Pokemon in the vicinity.

Not many games get replayability correctly but New Pokemon Snap does. As you play, you unlock new places & different routes and can explore them during daylight or night time. Pokemon can react differently and photos won’t look the same. Once you unravel the mystery behind the Illumina phenomenon, you can then use Illumina Orbs to throw at Pokemon and get them to glow or act differently, this alone gets you unique photos that you might want to pursue. You will find the experience itself peaceful and fun which will cause you to play the game over and over again.

Finally, exploring a world of Pokemon featuring gorgeous islands & monitoring living Pokemon that act & react is well worth $59.99 on the Nintendo Switch. The game only requires 6.0 GB of space and it can take you up to 10 hours to complete the objectives of the story. It is a different kind of Pokemon experience, one that you can interact with in first person and see for yourself a lively world willing to react back. You can watch the launch video for New Pokemon Snap below.

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