Botworld Adventure: An Open World RPG – Coming Soon

Botworld Adventure is an upcoming game by Featherweight Games, the legendary studio behind Rodeo Stampede. If you were wondering what they have been doing since their hit title, Rodeo Stampede, then Botworld Adventure is the answer. Inspired by the open-world experience of Pokemon and the RPG elements of World of Warcraft, Botworld Adventure certainly looks very promising to fans of both franchises.

As Featherweight describes it, ”We wanted to bring together our nostalgia for the world-building of Pokemon and World of Warcraft into a mobile game where truly open-world games are rare. Botworld is huge, it contains 12 unique zones with natural elements overtaking the crumbling relics of a lost civilization. Discover it’s mysteries as well as dangerous bots and rare scrap.

In between your adventures in Botworld you will be living in Scavenger’s Landing, a bustling town where you will meet a collection of colourful characters, build up your business and start a team to take part in the bot fighting tournaments in the arena.”

In the world of Botworld Adventure, bots battle by themselves while you as botmaster will support them with abilities in real-time. According to Featherweight, ”We developed this system long before the arrival of Auto-Chess and its followers and the different inspirations are very clear. Our battles are much more dynamic, using the 360 degrees of the battlefield to its full extent, feeling more like a group fight in DOTA than two armies marching into each other.”

Finally, the game will launch with more than 30 bots, each with its own abilities and talents, and many more bots will be joining the game later on. Botworld Adventure is currently soft launched on iOS in select regions while available on Google Play via early access. It is expected to launch globally in the 3rd quarter of 2021. You can watch the gameplay trailer for this game below.

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