Are There Any Good Horse Racing Games for Nintendo Switch?

When it comes to horse racing games, the choice is very narrow. Despite the large fan base, it seems like it is not profitable for developers to make horse racing games.

Horse racing games are the best way to experience the entire journey behind this sport with a lot of tradition. Not to mention that horse racing is also a very expensive sport that not many people can afford, and for some, there are some geographical limitations.

In other words, the only way to experience horse racing is through video games.

When it comes to Nintendo Switch, the option for finding great horse racing games becomes even narrower. With that said, this is going to be an important year for Nintendo Switch lovers, as they announced a new version of the console after 4 years.

The not-so-improved Nintendo Switch 2 where the only significant difference is the slightly bigger OLED screen will be a great console to play horse racing games.

That’s why we decided to cover some of the few horse genre titles that every horse lover should get. With the following titles you will feel that you are in famous racetracks, like Santa Anita Park, from the comfort of your own home.

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

This is one of the few horse racing games that are available for Nintendo Switch. The game is very simple to a point that it becomes repetitive after a while. However, it definitely promises some horse racing action that will be available everywhere you go.

At the start of the game, you inherit a racing yard, and in order to unlock better and faster horses, you need to level up. There are many missions to complete where you’ll get XP used for leveling up. These missions are usually about racing over distances and breeding horses.

The racing controls are much simpler compared to other horse racing games, which many people thought would be boring, but it works really well.

The best thing about Phar Lap is the online multiplayer where you can join other players in a series of races and get points where you finish at a higher place.

Since betting is a crucial part of horse racing, Phar Lap also gives you a stack of money at the beginning of the game that can be used for betting on horses and watching races.

My Little Riding Champion

Here we have a slightly different horse-themed game that doesn’t involve too much horse racing. This is a horse adventure game that is perfect for all the people who love this incredible creature and want to learn more about taking care of them.

The game will teach you more about horse breeds and different types of horses, as well as advantages and weak points. My Little Riding Champion is based on horse riding and completing challenges and missions around the local village. You have to complete missions that involve some skillful horse riding and maundering between obstacles.

It is a great game for all horse lovers and promises tons of entertainment.

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer

This is the right game that can put you in the shoes of a jockey and gives you free rain over your career path. You can participate in exhibition races or go full-on racing mode for becoming the best jockey in the world.

This is one of the most complex horse racing games for Nintendo switch that comes with tons of features. You can start a career mode that is very exhausting and sweating after a couple of long races.

With that said, you can always go for casual races that won’t be that heavy-going.

The most impressive thing about this game is the amount of depth and development that went to each horse’s stats. Each horse comes with various statistical areas that display individual statistics that can be improved after completing challenges. The breeding and training are also very well designed and lets you experience what it’s like to own and train horses.

On top of that, Champion Jockey has an online mode where you can compete with other players. This is very entertaining, especially after the career mode gets boring. You can win prizes and trophies after winning an online race, as well as points that can be used for upgrading your horse.

It is a great game that every horse racing lover should get.

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