Our Credentials

Our goal has always been to develop the mobile community and staunchly sought to push it forward, beyond the constraints that it constantly faces. DN Reviews is the treatment to a vast amount of symptoms that lags the community behind and that is why it was created. Therefore, upon creating DN Reviews we recruited professional writers with vast experience to write the best articles possible. Our writers have university degrees and are extremely committed to authentically portray to you the content of an app in order to give you a better judgment when deciding whether to purchase an app or not.

Recently, we have collected data from a sample of 200 mobile users who are daily visitors of DN Reviews and the feedback was extremely impressive. Our data tell us that 57% found our website as ”Extremely Helpful,” 32% found it to be ”Very Helpful” and 10% have reported that it was ”Somewhat Helpful.” So 99% of our visitors feel that our website was indeed helpful on different levels.

Furthermore, when they were asked whether our website played a role in their decision to purchase an app, 56.8% reported ”Yes,” 34.2% reported ”It somewhat convinced me” and 9% responded ”No.”

In addition, when they were asked in regards to the accuracy of our reviews, 61.5% responded that it was ”Very accurate,” 29.5% believed it was ”Accurate,” while 8% thought it to be ”Somewhat accurate.”

survey results

Our 2015 Survey Results

So based on the visitors of this website, it appears that our reviews have played a tremendous role in describing the content of the apps reviewed for them, in helping them understand what to expect and in the decision-making of whether to purchase an app or not. In addition, our viewers come from over 140 countries from around the world and our reviews have started to appear above many of the well known reviews websites on Google Search. Finally, the accuracy of our reviews have been praised and recognized and our visitors have increased by the tens of thousands due to our commitment for them. We hope that if you are a new visitor to this website that you keep visiting us for constant and trustworthy reviews of the most anticipated apps out there.