Sony – More Than Five Games To Come To iOS & Android By 2018

We have seen big companies like Nintendo join the mobile community with their recent games like Pokemon GO, Miitomo, & upcoming others; yet there is another major company that will take on Nintendo on the mobile battlefield. According to a CNBC report, Sony is launching more than five mobile games by 2018. Japan & other Asian countries will be the first to receive these games.

Sony will join a competitive market where success isn’t to be taken for granted. Therefore, they are likely to bring PlayStation games to the mobile platform. For example, Microsoft launched Halo: Spartan Strike to appeal to the gamers with their Halo brand; while Nintendo launched Pokemon GO & soon Super Mario Run. Therefore, we expect to see Sony debut with PlayStation exclusive games such as Uncharted or God of War. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on mobile gaming.

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