About Us

The Darkest Nation team has decided to further serve the community by providing worthy news and genuine reviews of the mobile games that matter to you. This website is not intended to review every single game that comes out but will focus on quality reviews of the highest calibre. But why are we only focusing on the news and reviews of select games? Like the majority of gamers, many of you are tired of visiting the mainstream news & reviews websites because while you look for top-notch games, you have to scroll through hundreds of titles that are not of interest to you. That is why our website matters; we bring to you games that fit the following criteria: the most anticipated titles, games ported from console to mobile, titles that make their way to the top ranks of the App Store, recommended titles by our readers, and those that are highly rated by the mass population of players. So our website will not spam you with titles that do not fit this criteria and we will be your #1 source for memorable titles that you would love to read about.

Furthermore, we have a large network that includes high-profile gaming companies and this gives us early access to exclusive information and better understanding of the exciting games that we are all waiting for. Unlike the mainstream websites, we focus on those important games with depth and breadth. On the other hand, other websites, with their limited manpower, will be forced to sacrifice vital details of these awaited games. In addition, to ensure a fair review for each game, we also provide you with a poll to vote on each game so we have a better understanding of your perception of the reviewed games. We are the only website with over 80 members that can play a certain game and provide meta-feedback. With our large team, we can provide you with the most significant details that no other can. One more crucial feature about our website is that we are never stingy to throw some humor into our articles and try our best to make it equally, enjoyable and informative.

Finally, the Darkest Nation brand started as a gaming network composed of members that come from all walks of life but gradually evolved to become a successful organization in the gaming community encompassing many areas that are mobile related. We are engineers, doctors, artists, scientists, writers, and businessmen. But first and foremost, we are gamers!

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