Pixwing – Out Now

From the team, RymPow, that worked on This War of Mine [$14.99] comes a 3D open world game with phenomenal pixel art. Pixwing [$3.79] is a game that was meant to be controlled using your whole body by utilizing the gyroscope. It almost looks like it was designed to be a calorie burner due to the incorporation of a calorie-burner counter on-screen. This is a great combination of fun and fitness built on a fascinating journey through colourful worlds. If you are not about fitness, then there is no need to panic since the game will have other control schemes that can be used also.

The objective of the game is to fly through a massive pixelized world, avoiding obstacles, shooting airships, and earning points. Your experience doesn’t always have to be about objectives, but you can play in a free roam mode where you explore the vibrant environments for hidden secrets.

Finally, the premium game has a 25% discount on first week of launch so get it while its cheap. It is good to know that it has no in-app purchases and you get to buy new planes through credits that you earn by playing only. You can check the gameplay for this game below.

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