Project Dynasty Warriors: Based On The Award Winning Series – Coming Soon

Nexon is working on quite an interesting game for mobile called Project Dynasty Warriors. The franchise first started on Play Station and published in 1997 by Koei. The upcoming mobile game will be based on the console title, Dynasty Warriors 8. It will feature console quality graphics with breathtaking gameplay mechanics. You can choose from a collection of unique characters, each comes with diverse fighting abilities.

According to Jiwon Park, Nexon Korea CEO, “Dynasty Warriors is a beloved and fan-favorite franchise that has endured for nearly two decades and gives Nexon Korea another triple-A title for audiences around the world to enjoy. Fully enhanced for mobile while retaining the feel of the console versions, Project Dynasty Warriors will immerse hardcore gamers and deliver everything that made the Dynasty Warriors series a beloved global masterpiece.”

Keep in mind that Project Dynasty Warriors is not the same game as the previously announced Dynasty Warriors Mobile by Perfect World. Unlike the latter, Project Dynasty Warriors is closer to the console games in terms of action-style. The game will be a free-to-play title for iOS & Android and it will be released later this year. This hack n’ slash title delivers insanely gorgeous graphics and we are not exaggerating. Take a look at the trailer for this game below and judge for yourself.

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